You might be stuck inside, but you can still go to a concert. Fortnite may have just finished up with its Travis Scott concert, but it appears to now be amping up its presence in the new combat-free “Party Royale” mode, a wacky place to hang out with your friends and catch a show, a social space where you definitely won’t get the coronavirus. The developer tested the waters with a Diplo concert the other night, and now we’re getting a bigger event: Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki and Deadmau5 are headlining the first major, announced event of Party Royale, and it starts tonight.

Each show will last for an hour. You’ll be able to join up and go watch anytime during the concert, so don’t feel like you need to show up right away.

To watch, you just need to load up your game and enter the “Party Royale” mode either alone, with friends, or with strangers. Once you’re on the Party Royale island, head over to the Main Stage on the eastern side of the island to get down.

Note that this won’t be such a massive production as the Travis Scott event, which featured a skyscraper-sized v buck generator headliner, interstellar travel and a whole host of psychedelic effects. These concerts are fun, but more constrained affairs: you watch the show on a sort of big screen. The idea seems to be to make the whole thing more sustainable, a plug and play solution that could theoretically start seeing concerts on a much more frequent basis, particularly since the world’s biggest DJs aren’t exactly playing club shows right now.

I’m excited to see how this situation continues to develop. I’d love it if there was just sort of a standing Free v bucks no verification headliner every weekend, even with smaller shows happening with lesser known artists during the week. You could even imagine Party Royale as a sort of music festival, with different stages, different acts and the ability to just roll your quadcrasher up to whatever show you want to watch. The metaverse is here, albeit in limited form. It’s at range time.