How to unlock the Mandalorian

started its fifth season by adding two new “Star Wars” characters into the game — Din Djarin (the Mandalorian) and Grogu (Baby Yoda). But unlocking the best version of the character requires an extra step or two. What’s going on? Fortnite added the Mandalorian and Grorgu into the fifth season of Fortnite, as I wrote about for the Deseret News. The characters debuted after […]

Epic Games, creator and publisher of the massively popular “Fortnite” game

Epic Games, creator and publisher of the massively popular “Fortnite” game, announced a $1.78 billion round of funding — which the company says gives it a post-money equity valuation of $17.3 billion. The round includes the previously announced $250 million strategic investment from Sony Corp., under which Sony obtained a 1.4% stake in Epic. Following the closing of […]

Fortnite unveil season three Battle Pass features

FORTNITE cars release date is almost here, with the highly anticipated feature arriving in Battle Royale soon. So when are cars in Fortnite? Here’s all you need to know about the release date, start time and list of cars coming to Fortnite. By DION DASSANAYAKEPUBLISHED: 15:32, Tue, Aug 4, 2020 | UPDATED: 15:32, Tue, Aug 4, 20200 Fortnite cars […]

great days for Fortnite players with two strong characters from DC Comics

great days for Fortnite players with two strong characters from DC Comics dropping in the game. Aquaman and his archenemy, Black Manta, are now available in the game. Getting the skin, however, is not that easy. There is an array of challenges to complete first. Wondering how to complete all Aquaman challenges? We’ve got you covered.  Fortnite – Aquaman […]

Fortnite map changes on July 11

The water that has flooded the Fortnite map has dropped, giving way to some map changes – with Risky Reels no longer being covered by the water.  Volume 0%  After plenty of rumors and lots of speculation, Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 got underway with a water theme as the battle royale map became flooded. […]

SypherPK points out a new element in Fortnite

battle royale new season has come with all sorts of controversies as well as much anticipated new content. SypherPK and Ninja were spectating the Doomsday event together, and they found several new things. They even tried to play a few matches together to see what kind of changes are there. They spoke about a glitch […]

Grand Theft Auto Online players have been preoccupied participating

Grand Theft Auto Online players have been preoccupied participating in or striking back against the whole Alien Gang business, it appears that the potential release year of Grand Theft Auto VI may have been hidden right under their noses all along in the Grand Theft Auto V map. A lot – virtually everything, really – […]

Fortnite may have just finished up with its Travis Scott concert

You might be stuck inside, but you can still go to a concert. Fortnite may have just finished up with its Travis Scott concert, but it appears to now be amping up its presence in the new combat-free “Party Royale” mode, a wacky place to hang out with your friends and catch a show, a social space […]

I’m going to say this now Fortnite is not a competitive game

 Fortnite for its lack of competitiveness and claimed that it is not an esport during his April 30 broadcast.Volume 0%  While he is one of the most popular streamers and pro players in Fortnite, Tfue has never been shy of voicing his concerns and issues with Epic Games’ battle royale. During his Twitch stream on April […]