Deadpool is up to no good.

He has two new challenges and unlike last week, where he just wanted you to take his unicorn and visit rainbow bridges, this week you’re going to need to do some good old fashioned vandalism.

That’s nothing new to the Deadpool challenges. Just a couple weeks ago we were tasked with destroying toilets—toilets that never did anything to anybody. Then again, you can see from the above image that Deadpool is a toilet paper hoarder—not cool, man. Not cool.

In any case, this week you need to find Deadpool’s Big Black Marker—here’s where to find it—and then head out onto the map to deface three GHOST or SHADOW recruitment posters. You’ll want to equip a Spray for this. Any Spray will do.

There are many Recruitment Posters out on the map these days, as the two warring spy factions vie for your loyalty and affection.

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I won’t include a huge map with all the locations because they’d be too hard to pin-point v buck generator. Instead, you can head to one location and easily find the three you’ll need to deface all in one place. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll head to Weeping Woods:

Deface Ghost Or Shadow Recruitment Posters Locations
Deface Ghost Or Shadow Recruitment Posters Locations CREDIT: EPIC / ERIK KAIN

As you can see, in this one location alone you can find more than enough posters to deface. There are two on opposite sides of the GHOST House up on the eastern ridge overlooking the forest.

There’s another one on an RV in the little RV park in the southern portion of Weeping Woods. And finally, there’s a Recruitment Poster on the side of one of the cabins. That’s four. Deface three to earn Deadpool’s Wrap as a reward:

Fortnite Deadpool Wrap
Deadpool wrap CREDIT: EPIC

And that’s that. Soon enough we should be unlocking the Deadpool skin itself, so long as you complete each of his weekly challenges.