ortnite Week 6 Challenges just went live, and that means it’s the second week of Meowscles Mischief objectives. After completing 18 tasks in the set, players will be asked to deliver a Fish to Shadow or deliver a Fish to Ghost. In this guide, we’ll explain how the challenge works and what you need to do to finish it. Equip that Meowscles skin, and embark on your quest!

How to Catch a Fish

If you’ve been playing Fortnite Chapter 2 for a while, you likely know how its fishing mechanic works. And, regardless of whether you decide to deliver a fish to Shadow or Ghost, you need to catch one first. Find a Fishing Rod as floor loot or in these barrels near large bodies of water.

fortnite fishing rod
‘Fortnite’s new Fishing feature is helpful in recent challenges. Here’s how to deliver Fish to Shadow or Ghost. ‘Fortnite’ is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile.EPIC GAMES

Inside fishing locations, you’ll see white, foamy circles like the one pictured above. You essentially want to pull out the Fishing Rod using the trigger on a controller free v bucks generator, and then release the cast into one of those white, foamy circles. A fish should bite in a few seconds, and you can pull it out. For the sake of this Meowscles Mischief Challenge, the type of Fish you get doesn’t matter. It should also be noted that throwing an explosive at those white circles can also catch a Fish if you’re really having trouble finding a Fishing Rod.

To make things easy, just go to this little watering hole between Holly Hedges, Weeping Woods and Salty Springs.

fortnite deliver fish shadow ghost location
Go to this lake between Holly Hedges, Weeping Woods and Salty Springs.EPIC GAMES

Deliver a Fish to Shadow or Ghost

Once you have the Fish, all you have to do to deliver it is visit one of the many Ghost or Shadow Dropbox locations you may have encountered during the TNTina’s Trial skin variation mission. Deliver the fish to Shadow to get a dark Meowscles skin, and deliver the fish to Ghost to get a white skin. Here’s a recap of the Dropbox locations in case you missed them.

Ghost Dropboxes

1) In Holly Hedges near a car that looks like a taxi.

fortnite ghost dropbox location 1
A Ghost Dropbox location in Holly Hedges

2) In southwest Pleasant Park near a bus stop.

fortnite ghost dropbox location 2
A Ghost Dropbox location in southwest Pleasant Park

3) In northeast Pleasant Park near a stop sign.

fortnite ghost dropbox location 3
A Ghost Dropbox location in northeast Pleasant Park

Shadow Dropboxes

1) In northwest Holly Hedges near a crosswalk.

fortnite shadow dropbox location 2
A Shadow Dropbox location in northwest Holly Hedges

2) Near a blue house in western Salty Springs.

fortnite shadow dropbox location 1
A Shadow Dropbox location in western Salty Springs

3) In a parking lot in western Sweaty Sands.

fortnite shadow dropbox location 3
A Shadow Dropbox location in western Sweaty Sands

There are many more Dropbox Locations scattered around the Battle Royale map, but these three are more than enough to get the challenge done. You only need one to deliver the Fish, so we’d advise going to Holly Hedges since it’s the closest location to the fishing spot shown above.

That’s all you need to know to deliver a fish to Ghost or Shadow in Fortnite.

What are your thoughts on the new Meowscles variations? What was your favorite Week 6 Challenge? Tell us in the comments section!