Fortnite was down for part of Tuesday afternoon according to developer Epic Games

Fortnite was down for part of Tuesday afternoon, according to developer Epic Games. The company tweeted about players experiencing issues and later provided an update that all problems have been fixed.  “The issues with logins, matchmaking, the Item Shop, and other Fortnite services have been resolved,” Epic tweeted Tuesday. The Fortnite status page shows that all the services are listed as […]

The announcement, made via Twitter and Fortnite’s in-game news feed

Fortnite’s legacy controls setting, which offer an aim assist to gamepad users that some felt was an unfair advantage, will leave the game on March 13, Epic Games announced on Friday. The announcement, made via Twitter and Fortnite’s in-game news feed, said that improvements to aim assist necessitate the scheme’s removal. The legacy settings date to an […]

Roblox plans to leverage the new funds to continue its growth

Roblox, now home to 115 million largely Gen Z players per month, announced today it has raised $150 million in Series G funding, led by Andreessen Horowitz’s late-stage venture fund. The company will also open a tender offer for up to $350 million of common and preferred shares, it says. The company has previously offered […]