Grand Theft Auto Online players have been preoccupied participating in or striking back against the whole Alien Gang business, it appears that the potential release year of Grand Theft Auto VI may have been hidden right under their noses all along in the Grand Theft Auto V map.

A lot – virtually everything, really – is unknown about the inevitable next entry in Rockstar Games’ flagship sandbox franchise, with the studio having yet to so much as announce or even obliquely hint at its existence. While players know better, they don’t know much, widely (and mostly inaccurately) theorizing about the game’s every detail. Some claim that it will take place in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City setting and era, while others argue with conviction that the series is headed across the pond to modern-day London. Because of the way the discussion is framed, always transfixed on what may or not be true about the Grand Theft Auto VI map, players may have let a big clue about the new game slip right under their radars all this time even though it was hidden in plain sight in Los Santos from the start.

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GTA VI Release Year in GTA V
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Joining a small faction of players who have good cause to believe they’ve discovered a hint about Grand Theft Auto VI’s release year over the years, Twitter user user GTAVInewz has shared their below findings with the community. Players who got sidetracked from gta 5 mobile stealing helicopters in Grand Theft Auto V may have noticed an assuming set of Los Santos International Airport doors labelled, “2013,” “2014,” and “2021,” all of which were documented in October 2019 by VX97 on Imgur. The significance of those numbers is that the first two are the respective years when Grand Theft Auto V released on last generation’s Xbox 360 and PS3 and this generation’s Xbox One and PS4, leading some to believe the third year was being openly reserved for the sequel a whopping seven years ago.