Fortnite is really leaning hard into the whole SHADOW versus GHOST mechanic of Chapter 2, season 2 here, and has extended that past the game itself and into the real world with social media. Well, if you consider social media the real world, I guess.

Fortnite now has some sort of “sorting hat” system that will divide you up into Team SHADOW or Team GHOST if you ask it which you should pledge.

How to get sorted by Epic itself?

You need to go to their Twitter page and go to this tweet:

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You have to click the button in that tweet, and then you will be auto-formatted to post a replay with the hashtag #FortniteOperatives.

This triggers a bot system to activate you as an agent of either GHOST or SHADOW. You will get a reply from the official Fortnite account immediately, sorting you into one of the two. I got SHADOW, the correct choice:

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Once you are recruited, you’re given a link in that tweet that you can then share your SHADOW or GHOST status and encourage others to check their own status:

This is kind of weird free v bucks generator because you would think you’d be trying to recruit people for your side, but instead you’re just sending them back into the sorting hat system where they can get either SHADOW or GHOST.

What’s the point of all this? I’m not sure there is one, other than this being a viral social media campaign for the new season. Currently, SHADOW has been dominating the battle pass skin loyalty challenges with both Brutus and TNTina going SHADOW. There is now a Spy Games LTM which requires you to pledge GHOST or SHADOW for special perks, but you can switch any time.

It does seem likely that all this is building toward some sort of end-of-season thing where the map changes based on either SHADOW or GHOST winning this spy war. It seems pretty much pre-destined that SHADOW is going to win at this point, and if they’re the “bad guy” faction, that could have some disastrous results indeed. I mean, we’ve already seen a skull carved into a cliff and the Oil Rig blown up so far, so who knows what’s coming for the other three landmarks still to be assigned. And for the map at large, if this is building toward something big in the final weeks here.